Work with a Brand Agency that’s passionate about developing brands as unique as the businesses they represent.

Cheymaxim’s approach is unique in the fact that we don’t just design a logo, we develop an identity. Our experience in branding services to businesses large and small gives us a unique insight into various industries. We design brands from scratch, providing high-quality and timeless corporate identities.

Define Your Brand

We’re passionate about developing brands as unique as the businesses they represent. We’ll work with you to find out everything we can about your business and help you visually define a brand that invites trust.

Position Your Brand

The better we understand your target audience the better we can shape and position your brand’s identity to appeal to the correct audience. Positioning your brand accurately right from the start will Work

Build Brand Loyalty

The most important qualities of a brand are authenticity, simplicity and uniqueness. We ensure that your brand is built around these key qualities that will go a long way to attract customer loyalty to your brand.

Establish Brand Culture

Relating to a brand and its values revolve around a company’s brand culture. We understand how to communicate brand culture visually and how to develop it around clear and engaging content.

Brand Management

A well planned Brand Guide will help you maintain and apply your branding effectively. We watch over your brand to ensure it is applied consistently across all of your marketing collateral and campaigns.

Thinking ahead can tell us everything we need to know now

Developing a corporate identity is so much more than just drawing a logo that looks great in one specific context. When drafting a CI brief we take the time to understand your business and how you will be marketing your services and products and optimise your logo to represent your business clearly on any media.

What’s included in our Corporate Identity Development Package

Our Basic Corporate Identity package includes the following elements and is supplied as an online Google Drive Folder containing all assets.

Logo Design

Business Card and Letterhead

Typography Development

eMail Signature

Colour Palettes

Assets Packaging

Let’s talk about the brand you want to build and see how we can assist you.

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