Social Media

At Cheymaxim, we’ll help you target specific customers, let your followers grow and drive traffic to your website.

Effective social media requires unique and engaging content. We develop a monthly or campaign-based roll-out calendar and can even create the content for you.

As part of our content creation, we also design interactive visuals that encourage sharing and user engagement.

Once the content is created, we plan ahead and schedule out all of the posts, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, while still monitoring your social media campaign daily.


Our team of in-house developers along with our UX and UI designers build each website custom and unique. All of our websites and landing pages are built responsive, ensuring the best user experience across all devices. We handle everything from custom, HTML, CMS, eCommerce to advanced API-based websites.

Once your website is live and generating traffic, we’ll stay at your side and maintain your website and ensure you don’t have to deal with the technical jargon.

Email Campaigns

Developing effective email campaigns are all about what you say, how you say it and how consistently the visuals display over a range of devices. At Cheymaxim we focus on the message, the design as well as the accurate display of your content, which can make all the difference. We also handle the distribution of email campaigns and the reporting afterwards.

Blogging and Content Generation

Attracting users to your website will not always be enough. Developing your website’s SEO and connecting the message and visuals of your marketing campaign with quality content is key. Infographics, expert articles and opinion pieces all form part of building an active and relevant brand, and will deliver long-term results.


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