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Versatile Email Marketing that Speaks Your Organisation’s Language

Email Marketing remains one of the most effective methods to generate paying clients and retain existing ones. With clear communication, the right audience and a strong email marketing funnel, it’s easy to capture the attention of the readers in your mailing list.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the language of business and has been since its invention over 50 years ago. Email is still a powerful tool because there are practically no limits to who businesses and organisations can reach, with nearly 4.5 billion active email users around the world. Beyond the practicality of email, it is also the most reliable communication format with high versatility.

How Cheymaxim Does Email Marketing

Email Marketing Funnels

When you have a new person sign up for your mailing list, you want to make sure that they get to know your brand in a way that makes sense. We develop email marketing funnels that ensure your new subscribers receive a warm introduction to your brand with gradual progress towards a conversion opportunity.

Smart Audience Segmentation and Management

Not all your email contacts are created equal. In fact, many of the businesses we work with have email databases for completely different audiences. Making sure each part of your audience receives a message that is right for them is vital. That’s where segmentation comes in, we create tailored messages for the groups you want to speak to and can even set up separate funnels for multiple sets of audiences.

Email Personalisation

It is a long-established fact that personalisation is a critical component of effective email marketing. Where appropriate, we personalise email messages based on custom elements that we can draw into your email campaigns.

A/B Testing and Custom Decision Trees

We pride ourselves on our ability to create functional email campaigns that use real-time data to deliver optimised emails to your email lists. By using A/B testing and customised decision trees we can target the KPIs that are most important to you by serving content that best resonates with your audience.

Metrics-based Email Marketing Decisions

Results in email marketing are just as important to us as they are to you. That’s why we keep a keen eye on metrics such as open rates, click rates and conversion rates from email campaigns and use the data to derive optimal results for your email marketing efforts.

Doing it Right — GDPR/POPI Act-compliant Emails

We know the importance of privacy and data protection, which is why we ensure that every mailing campaign that we send out adheres to the strict standards of GDRP and the POPI Act.

Let’s Make Email Work for You

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