A PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising agency in Cape Town that drives conversions.

You’ve found a professional Google Adwords agency in Cape Town that can help you generate immediate traffic to your products or services and compete head-on with large businesses.

The benefits of PPC advertising

Boost traffic to your site

Use Google Ads to make your site appear on the first page of Google.

Pinpoint your audience

PPC allows you to strategically select who sees your ads.

Specify your ad budget

Choose your average daily or monthly budget.

How does it work?

Creating, building and managing Google Pay-Per-Click ads requires mainly one thing, experience. With so many different strategies and theories out there on how to do it best, at Cheymaxim we rely on years of experience for which methods to apply to which clients, based on their industry and audience.

Why use Pay-Per-Click advertising?

PPC campaigns that attract the right audience
Make use of our professional Google Adwords team to drive traffic to your site and create conversions. We apply our expert knowledge and experience to build attractive campaigns that convert. Detailed reports are created at the end every month to show our clients their current ad performance.

Powerful Retargeting Strategies
Make a second appeal to prospective buyers. We design retargeting campaigns to build an audience out of visitors that don’t convert at first and remind them of you.

Conversion Driven Strategies
Based on detailed industry based keyword research and advert optimisation we ensure each campaign offers the best return on investment. Our PPC experts ensure that each and every ad used in our campaigns earns its spot by testing click-through rates and conversion rates in order to replace non-performers with more effective ads.

Our PPC management experts are involved in every step of the campaign from the initial research to the creation and management of the campaign, all the way to evaluating the performance and results of the campaign.