The Rhino-Ria Island Adventure

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“We created 10 gamified experiences that drew 22k entries through paid social media and email campaigns.”

Cipla Limited

Synexa Life Sciences is an international clinical research organisation specialising in biomarker stratification and bioanalysis.

Services we provided

The challenge

The challenge we faced during this campaign was to create a way to market and promote medications for various seasonal illnesses in a way that would not violate the restrictions placed on advertising medications to the public. To do this, we wanted to drive active engagement with gamified experiences.

The solution

We put together a comprehensive strategy that included gamified experiences that would educate on the alleviation of certain symptoms, where characters would stand in for medications. This meant that a storytelling approach became the main pillar of communication during the campaign, while incentives were given for playing the game through prizes.

The result

The Rhino-Ria Puzzle Adventure called on users to become cold, flu, and allergy symptom fighters in The Symptoms National Park. They encountered Rhino-Ria on their first puzzle adventure and were introduced to the symptoms that would be defeated in the duration of the campaign. Each puzzle adventure thereafter educated users on the role of characters within The Academy of Defences and how they would fight back Rhino-Ria’s symptoms. We created 10 gamified experiences that drew 22k entries through paid social media and email campaigns.

10 gamified experience = 22K entries

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