Analytics, Reporting & Insights

Analytics, Reporting & Insights for Data-driven Marketing Success

No marketing strategy is complete without a plan to turn marketing data into actionable steps that bring value, and ultimately revenue, to your organisation.

Why analytics are vital to your digital marketing success:

Analytics are the backbone of any marketing strategy. With it, organisations hold the key to making the kinds of decisions that bring business to their company while ensuring its efficacy.

Analytics, therefore, is pivotal for:

  • Understanding the behaviour and preferences of your target audience
  • Following customers, clients and prospects through their marketing journey
  • Knowing where your digital marketing efforts are making a difference and where they are not
  • Finding opportunities to optimise for a higher return on marketing spend

Advanced Reporting Made For Decision-makers

We understand how important performance is to organisations that work on an intranational, cross-national or international scale. With many stakeholders involved, we want to ensure that your marketing efforts make sense β€” not only to the marketing adept but also to the top decision-makers within your organisation.

What we report on:

  • Chosen Key Performance Indicators that reflect the success of your campaign or overall marketing efforts
  • Website Performance, traffic volume, including acquisition mediums and user journeys
  • All metrics that reflect the correlation between marketing spend and campaign success
  • Finding opportunities to optimise for a higher return on marketing spend
  • Engagement and sentiment indicators across all relevant channels

How we report:

At the end of the day, we know how important it is for your marketing analytics to be clear, concise and without complications, which is why we create easy-to-follow and comprehensive reports that are structured according to the data that means the most to you, your organisation, and all stakeholders involved.

Our Cycle of Marketing Insights for Continuous Refinement



We start with a researched-backed theory of industry and market behaviour that projects the result we expect from taking any marketing action.



We then test the hypothesis by applying and tracking measurable performance indicators that will reflect the quality and success of our marketing efforts.



Subsequently, using data gathered on the identified indicators through the course of our marketing activity, we reflect on the validity and accuracy of our initial hypothesis.



Once we have processed the data sufficiently, we put forward possible actionable steps to refine and improve our marketing success and amend our hypotheses where necessary.



Finally, once we have established the next steps in our marketing efforts we take action to optimise or improve on previous results.

Ready to turn data into action?

Get in touch with one of our Account Managers who will get to know your data requirements, so that we can help you measure, track, and implement the marketing strategies and actions that will turn digital marketing into your strong suit.

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